Emmet Cummins
Managing Director

Just like for this generation, diversity is more commonplace than it was for our parents, our children will find that mental health awareness will be commonplace in their lives. That will and can only happen if the seeds of awareness are sown today, watered and nurtured in our families, communities and places of work. The statistics on mental health are staggering and it needs to be addressed. The fact it is often an invisible condition makes it harder to address but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a responsibility to find a way. The CMJ has started its journey, not just for the benefit of those working within the organisation today, but so that we establish a culture that ensures it is instilled for those that will come through and manage and lead this business in the future. We have taken that first step with the support of Darwin Training Solutions. Dan has helped arm us with the tools we need to not only understand our own mental health and how to improve it, but also how to identify it in others and support them as a result. Dan’s first-hand experience and in-depth knowledge are the perfect combination of theory and reality and we plan to work with him on an on-going basis as we seek to establish the right culture within the CMJ. We feel we are in good hands to achieve this.


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