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Goldsmiths Centre

We had a really useful session with StoneHawk that allowed all attendees to understand the risks and threat posed by smash and grab robberies and what we can all do, to not only strengthen our security, but how to respond if the worst should happen. The training was informative, but also inclusive and prompted discussion.

Andrew Birks
Facilities Manager

Weir & Sons

StoneHawk recently undertook extensive training with our team in respect of Smash and Grabs. The training was extremely beneficial. Over the two days over 40 staff undertook the training. StoneHawk ensured that this difficult subject was treated in a way that re assured our team that their safety was paramount. The group discussions were very beneficial and prompted a review of some of our procedures. StoneHawk were very professional and talked to our Crime prevention Officer prior to the training. Indeed one of our crime prevention detectives attended one of the sessions. Weir & Sons have no hesitation in recommending StoneHawk to any Jeweller who are concerned as to how staff may be better equipped to deal with smash and grabs.

David McCormick

Paul James Jewellers

StoneHawk’s stop smash and grabs training was very professional, clear and concise. Given that Simon has been in the police force for some years prior to starting this company, I think his delivery had a great personal touch as this is clearly something he is very passionate about. I was particularly wanting our two less experienced staff members to pick up some tips and ways of dealing with these difficult situations, and they definitely have.

Stephanie Ling
Paul James Jewellers

Surrey Police

Simon Wilson visited our team of Crime Reduction Advisors & Designing Out Crime Officers in Surrey and took us through the #StopSmashandGrabs course in detail so that we could understand what training was provided to jewellers, pawnbrokers and and high-end retail.

We now better understand some of the complexities of this type of crime and environment and feel able to provide more tailored Crime Reduction Advice to local businesses who ask for assistance. The course provided by StoneHawk is thorough, well presented and highly beneficial to those working in this environment.

Sgt 2484 Altiera Dunlop
Community Safety Team,
Northern Division

Heera Diamonds

Simon and the team at StoneHawk were very professional. Our team learnt a lot from the training. There were different security instances discussed and the staff were really thinking security and have been even more aware of since.

StoneHawk covered different scenarios based on their experience and the staff queries which I thought was the most important. Totally with it. I would recommend any business, especially Jewellers to take part.

Mahesh Chungani
Managing Director
Heera Diamonds

T H March

StoneHawk have worked closely with the insurance sector to ensure that the Stop Smash and Grabs training provided is tailored to the needs, not only of the businesses being trained, but also the needs of the insurance industry.

I had the opportunity to sit in on a training session put on for one of my clients, which was very thorough and relevant to the business and insurance. The business was long established with very good security and procedures however, they confirmed to me that the training was worthwhile, a good reminder of the threats to the business and people, and they had changed some of their procedures as a result of the training.

Lee Wallace
Senior Account Manager
T H March


We recently used Stonehawk to do a one day group ‘Office Opening/Closing Procedures’ training session. The half day was perfect for what we required, striking the right balance between the general points we needed to consider together with a presentation to cover our specific requirements and location. The trainer managed to get the serious message across to the attendees but in a easy going proficient manner. Their balance of “classroom” training and practical advice was exactly right. Following the training they provided an individual certificate for everybody that attended. In short, they provided us with what was required and more, in a precise and professional manner.

Mark Howell
CMJ Support Centre Manager

Global Luxury Retailer

We organised with StoneHawk a half day training session for two of our jewellery stores in London. We focused the tailor-made training on how to prevent a smash & grab, and also how to react when it occurred.

Due to the excellent skills of the trainer, and the mix of best practices and useful advice, the staff were very involved and increased their security awareness; they are also more confident in their daily routine.  Every retailer, young or old in the business, should attend this type of security training on a regularly basis.

Security Dept
A Global Luxury Retailer

Thurlow Champness

I can’t thank you enough on behalf of myself and the team here at Thurlow Champness for our Stonehawk security training. We have a real cross section of staff from extremely long service to relatively new and next to no experience. We all felt we had lots to learn from the morning. Some may have been to instil good procedures, some to change where we had possibly become complacent and others were totally new to at least a couple of members of the team and made them realise the reasons for us having the procedures in place that we do.

We have been unlucky enough to have been targeted in the past and we are always searching for ways to make us less appealing to would be villains. This training certainly gave us some ideas and was approached in a way to show how to handle a number of given situations and therefore removing the panic hopefully which may arise at the time.

I would recommend this training to any team within a high-risk industry and to all levels of expertise within that industry. I would like to think that we have offered the tools to our team to enable each of them to act and react in a manner fitting any given situation should they be unlucky enough to be caught within it.

Lesley Ryland
Thurlow Champness