Thurlow Champness

Lesley Ryland
Thurlow Champness

I can’t thank you enough on behalf of myself and the team here at Thurlow Champness for our Stonehawk security training. We have a real cross section of staff from extremely long service to relatively new and next to no experience. We all felt we had lots to learn from the morning. Some may have been to instil good procedures, some to change where we had possibly become complacent and others were totally new to at least a couple of members of the team and made them realise the reasons for us having the procedures in place that we do.

We have been unlucky enough to have been targeted in the past and we are always searching for ways to make us less appealing to would be villains. This training certainly gave us some ideas and was approached in a way to show how to handle a number of given situations and therefore removing the panic hopefully which may arise at the time.

I would recommend this training to any team within a high-risk industry and to all levels of expertise within that industry. I would like to think that we have offered the tools to our team to enable each of them to act and react in a manner fitting any given situation should they be unlucky enough to be caught within it.


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